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Destination San Vincenzo  is the destination  No. 4
in our visiting tour on Lake Como. A list of destinations is available, each with an audioguide. We travel northbound, from Como to Piona.

   Cernobbio  Piazza Gallio 
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From Cernobbio's Villa Erba, you can continue through Piazza Mazzini along the Strada Regina. At the bus stop take the turn to the right: this brings you to Piazza Risorgimento on the lake, where you'll note the Art Nouveau style of the landing stage, built of iron in the early 1900s. Glance towards your left along the shore and you'll see the luxurious Villa d'Este. Continue past the fountain in the direction of the church and you'll find yourself in the maze of old narrow streets that lead to the church of San Vincenzo.

Although built around the year 1150 in the Romanesque-Comenses style, the church of San Vincenzo was totally reconstructed in 1757. It has a fine Baroque façade with ornate decorations in terracotta.
The interior, frescoed in 1874, was partly destroyed by fire in the first half of the 20th century: fortunately saved from the blaze was the precious astylar cross engraved in the early 1500s by Francesco di Ser Gregori from Gravedona. The frescos and furnishings you see in the church today are copies based on photos of the original interior.

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