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CiaoMilano .:. MiArt
.:. architecture / Vico's buildings 
March 27 through December 19, 2014
Tue 10am-6pm, Thu 2-8pm, Sat on appointment
April 8 through 14, every day 11am-8pm

An architect and his town, with a shared map and a video shot by drones. read more read more

Architetture in posa
Event Fondazione Vico Magistretti
nearest subway stationSan Babila
Point of Interest map

entrance free
[+39] 02 76002964

.:. art / Lisbon story 
June 11 through October 26, 2014
Thu-Sun 11am-11pm

Unique films & installations by an artist duo. read more read more

Event Hangar Bicocca
nearest subway stationPonale
Point of Interest map

entrance free

.:. art / giants in the dark **
from June 25, 2010
Thu-Sun 11am-11pm

Magic, huge and mysterious, in an imposing ex-industrial structure. read more read more

Seven celestial towers
Event Hangar Bicocca
nearest subway stationPonale
Point of Interest map

entrance free
[+39] 02 66111573

.:. art / divided Alps 
September 18, 2014 through January 18, 2015
9:30am-7:30pm, Thu and Sat till 10:30pm, Mon from 2.30pm. (Tickets sold till an hour before closing time)

A great 19th-century painter, between italy and Switzerland. read more read more

Segantini. Il ritorno a Milano
Event Palazzo Reale
nearest subway stationDuomo
Point of Interest map

Euro 12, on line reservation Euro 13.50
[+39] 02 92800375

.:. cinema / no comment 
September 11 through October 5, 2014

Hitchcock filmography from the 1920s. Soundtracks are played live. read more read more

Gran Festival del Cinema Muto
Event several locations

prices vary according to events
[+39] 02 77406316

.:. cinema / in the original language  
every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Undubbed movies, quite uncommon in this country. read more read more

Sound & Motion Pictures
Event several locations

Euro 6,5 / Euro 4,5 afternoon
card 10 films Euro 33
[+39] 02 43912769

.:. cinema / Oberdan at the movies *
from May 8 1999

Close to the Public Gardens, a real film library. read more read more

Spazio Oberdan

Cineteca | Spazio Oberdan
Event Spazio Oberdan
nearest subway stationPorta Venezia
Point of Interest map

according to program
[+39] 02 77406300

.:. classical / Season 2014-2015 
from September, 27, 2014

The new season of the orchestra directed by Zhang Xian. read more read more

Orchestra Verdi
Event Auditorium di Milano
nearest subway stationPorta Genova FS
Point of Interest map

[+39] 02 83389401

.:. design / the 7th design museum 
April 5, 2014 through February 22, 2015
Tue-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm, Thu and Fri till 11pm

How the recession impacted and has impacted on the Italian interior design production. read more read more

TDM7: Il design italiano oltre le crisi
Event Triennale
nearest subway stationCadorna Triennale
Point of Interest map

Euro 8
[+39] 02 724341

.:. festivals / fearless queers 
September 27 through October 5, 2014
depending on each event

An im/possible parallel with the FuoriSalone, symbol of the design capital. A series of meetings "inside" and "outside" the visible Milan. read more read more

Lesbiche Fuorisalone
Event several locations

entrance is free, but a contribution is very welcome
[+39] 02 77404343

.:. festivals / people on the move 
September 27 through October 12, 2014

Music, theater, dance and "beyond" ("oltre") in a regular event that has entered the history of Milan. read more read more

MilanOltre 2014
Event Teatro dell'Elfo Puccini
nearest subway stationLima
Point of Interest map

Card (five shows) Euro 75 / Euro 66
[+39] 02 00660606

.:. festivals / the Milanese way 
October 9 through November 15, 2014

An Italian contemporary music composer. read more read more

Milano Musica
Event several locations

Euro 25 / Euro 10 (Card Euro 160 / Euro 110)
[+39] 02 20403478

.:. jazz / the soul of the Left 
October 2 through 4, 2014
9pm and 11:30pm, Thu 9pm and 11pm

The bright voice of a British activist. read more read more

Sarah Jane Morris
Event Blue Note
nearest subway stationZara
Point of Interest map

Euro 37 / Euro 32
[+39] 02 69016888

.:. jazz / swing era 
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Big Band Era classics. read more read more

Paolo Tomelleri Big Band
Event La Salumeria della Musica
nearest subway stationno metro
Point of Interest map

Euro 15
[+39] 02 56807350

.:. opportunities / Ambrogio's wireless 
from july 31, 2012

The City hotspots, with a Google Maps from their website. read more read more

Open Wifi Milano
Event several locations

free connection
[+39] 02 0202

.:. opportunities / bike sharing has arrived 
from December 2008
Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

Riding a City bike. Take it here, and leave it there. read more read more

Event several locations

Euro 2.50 (daily pass), 6 (weekly pass), 36 (annual pass); the first 30 minutes are free, then Euro 0.50 every 30 minutes; 2 consecutive hours max
800 808181

.:. other / party time 
September 3 through October 2, 2014

Electronic music during the Fashion Week and more. read more read more

Elita Ouverture
Event several locations

prices vary according to events
[+39] 02 45498928

.:. other / an Italian in Brasil 
September 5 through October 5, 2014
Tue-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm, Thu and Fri till 11pm

An architect who was keen to share, and the people for whom she designed. read more read more

Lina Bo Bardi: Together
Event Triennale
nearest subway stationCadorna Triennale
Point of Interest map

entrance free
[+39] 02 724341

.:. photography / b/n witness 
June 27 through November 2, 2014
Tue-Sun 9:30am-8:30pm. (Tickets sold till an hour before closing time)

Detailed pictures of landscapes, wildlife and human communities. read more read more

Event Palazzo della Ragione
nearest subway stationDuomo
Point of Interest map

Euro 10
[+39] 02 43353535

.:. sport / soccer hall of fame 
year round
10am-6pm. Timetables may vary on the days of matches or events

The Milan soccer stadium and hall of fame. A must see for fans. read more read more

San Siro Stadium

San Siro
Event Stadio “Giuseppe Meazza” San Siro
nearest subway stationLotto
Point of Interest map

Euro 12.50 / Euro 7
[+39] 02 4042432

.:. art, photography, design  on the next seven days

Giorgio Griffa. Early Works 1968-1973
September 18 through October 25, 2014
Luca Tommasi  web

Lions after Slumber
September 26 through October 29, 2014
Careof DOCVA  web

Adriano Altamira. Il complesso del Vasari
September 18 through October 31, 2014
Fondazione Marconi  web

Herbert List. Magical in Passing
September 9 through November 11, 2014
Fondazione Stelline  web

Marc Chagall. Una retrospettiva 1908-1985
September 17, 2014 through February 1st, 2015
Palazzo Reale  web

.:. other music / on the next seven days

Anathema October 6
Alcatraz  web

.:. sport soccer on the next seven days

Milan-Chievo October 4 web

San Siro

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